Ada Colorina Studio and Gallery in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Welcome to a real world created from veritable fantasy...

Puerto Vallarta is the spirit of Mexico and Ada Colorina is the one who interprets, captures and transmits its essence most faithfully through her paintings and other works.

Nowadays, Puerto Vallarta is home to many prestigious artists known worldwide. Among them is Ada Colorina, who continues to capture the daily life of a town and its people in her own authentic style. People who have managed to maintain the essence of a pueblo through the years and the inevitable progress, a town with which so many tourists and Mexicans alike have fallen in love as soon as they stepped onto this blessed land for the first time.

To admire Ada Colorina's works is to get a glimpse into the heart of a Vallartan who feels, suffers, enjoys and fights to survive in a world full of hurry and bullicio. To admire Ada Colorina's works enables us to perceive that there is still joy in our world, a joy that can be found in this heart so big and so ready to give love through its art.

God gave us instincts and gifts. The instincts are the same for everyone but the gifts are different for each one of us, like our fingerprints. To Ada Colorina, He gave the ability to observe, perceive, discern, capture and transmit what the people of a town feel in their deepest innermost self, something no one will ever take away from them… “the joy of living.”